"I had the good fortune of meeting Jakob Mooney at a house show I played in Columbus, Ohio. It had to have been in late January of 2016, I believe. He invited me to record some live takes of a few songs before I had to head out of town. We had a great time trying out his Les Paul and pink Tele on a couple songs, but we probably both agree that this was the best take. I remember the last song I was going for was a slide-oriented one in an open F tuning I had recently written. I love the song, but trying to capture it that day was like trying to pull a telephone pole out from the ground. I am getting a bit off track here, but this particular experience was highly therapeutic for me. Up until that point, I had spent the last few years focusing on the bands and musicians that I was playing with. It was a reminder that I was also still an artist. Sometimes the universe sends you a little pick-me-up. I definitely needed it at that point." -AD

Eye of the Horse

"A funny little Behind the Scenes: I parked quite a few blocks away to get a free spot. Then, I walked all the way to First and Broadway carrying my guitar, wearing jeans, and sporting a black shirt in the middle of the summer. This is simply impossible to do in Nashville without feeling like a gigantic, sweaty cliché. I get up to the rooftop to find Adam McDonough to be the only other person there. Not only did neither one of us realize that we get booked for interviews on the same morning, but the crew was also unaware. We were added on last minute with the help of another friend of ours. As you can see, it worked out just fine. The crew was more than accomodating, and Kane Harrison was a sweetheart. On a side note, I have never met an Australian that wasn't super freaking cool. Way to go, Australia!" -AD

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