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Look for these items on sale at live performances:

80's Shirt

"getting soft-rock HARD
since '85"

The way he plays, he makes it look real hard. I saw it for the first time back when we were in the 8th grade.

-Michael K. (Columbus, OH)

Average T

"The whole package
in one adequate size"


Yeah, it's definitely average. It has sleeves and everything! 

-Valerie K. (Minneapolis, MN)

Can Coozie

"What's that? Your drink is getting warm? Put this on while I write a song about it."

I used to have problems at dusk finding my drink. Not anymore! Thanks, Alec. You are forever my beverage hero.

-Mike B. (Park City, UT)

Guitar Pick

XL Jazz III style (1.0 mm)


There was a time when I desperately needed a pick with a face on it. No longer do I live this way.

-Brooks D. (Nashville, TN)

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