From This Tidal Dream (2009)

After a two-day marathon session in the home of sound engineer Chris Suttle, the Trio walked away with what was to become their debut EP. Their main focus was to maintain the feel of what they created during their live performances. The end result was a raw and unforgiving snapshot into the music the band had been making over the preceding three years. Asked about the recording process, Alec replied, "It was a great experience. We didn't want a huge production on our music. We wanted the listener to come away with an honest representation of what we were. You can look back and hear all the things you wish you could've added or changed, but I think it's healthier to accept what you've made. As an artist, it can be hard to move on from one work to another. You just have to keep creating. Sitting in a studio ceaselessly nitpicking over every detail can cause a mental implosion. Just take the picture, and advance the film."

1. Tidal Dream

2. Four Months

3. Finding Bobby

4. Close My Eyes

5. Why I Laughed

6. Yellow Dress

7. If You Dare
8. I Know


Alec Delphenich (guitar & vocals)
Matt Seskevics (drums)

Dennis Delphenich  (bass, 12-string on "If You Dare")


Engineered and mixed by Chris Suttle of In The Red Recording Studio (Kettering, OH)

Mastered by Tom Waltz (Watertown, MA)

Three Lights (2004)

Alec's debut album was recorded in December of 2003 and released the following spring. Using a borrowed Boss BR-8 and one dynamic mic, Three Lights captures the young songwriter's blossoming talents and lays out the framework for his unassumingly complicated and unique style. While the songs do stem from a youthful grasp on the world, the conceptualizations can be felt with a maturity far exceeding his own seventeen years. "No Picture" and "Lost In The Seasons" touch on the feeling of helplessness one encounters in periods of great self-doubt, while "All Quiet" serves as an expression of what Paul Baumer (of the song's namesake) experiences in World War I. Throughout the album, Alec holds true to his honest delivery of thoughts and ideas to create a work that sets the tone for the writer's sense of expression and musicality. 

1. Why I Laughed
2. Four Months
3. Tidal Dream

4. No Picture
5. All On My Own

6. Out Of Reach

7. Lost In The Seasons

8. Hard To Say

9. All Quiet

10. I'm Just Seventeen

11. I'm Not Going Home
12. Song For A Friend


All songs written, recorded, and produced by Alec Delphenich in Dayton, OH.

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